Gareth Henry: The Face behind the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Have you ever wondered why the Fortress Investment Group is one of the most successful and arguably the globe’s largest investment management firms serving more than 1700 private and institutional companies in several locations across the globe? Part of this success is credited to Gareth Henry. Since its founding in 1998, the Fortress Investment Group seems to have weathered the storm and continually outdo others in the same field with the company currently overseeing the management of over 60 billion dollars.

In 2007, Gareth Henry joined the Fortress Investment Group serving as the company’s managing director. The roles saw him undertaking initiatives related to investor relations coupled with leading marketing efforts for the firm. Before such responsibilities, Henry headed the international relations in London and ensured that the company builds the relationship with its Middle East, European, and Asian clients.

Gareth Henry is an accomplished professional who doubles up as a financial advisor at Fortress. His extensive knowledge that cuts across many fields both locally and internationally makes him none other than the preferred candidate act his assigned role in the company.

Are you aware that before joining the Fortress Investment Group, Gareth served in a number of high esteem institutions such as the Schroders Inc. serving as the director for strategic solutions? Additionally, he also served as a liability-driven and investment advisor in Schroder among other institutions of finance.

Gareth Henry is an educated fellow. He schooled at the Heriot-Watt University and subsequently graduated with none other than a first class degree. He also doubled up as a member of the United States and the United Kingdom Institutes of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries in that order.

Just recently, Henry had the privilege of being named one of the rising institutional investors for his outstanding and noticeable contributions across the investment industry by the Institutional Investor Magazine. In fact, during the same event that he was honored, the Fortress Investment Group emerged as the year’s most exceptional credit-focused companies based on its innovation, achievement, and contributions in the face of cut-throat competition that is characteristic of this field.

Get Sultry Lips With The Iconic EOS Lip Balm

Enjoy a rich formulated lip balm that fortifies your lips and encourages your natural beauty. More importantly, the popular EOS balm has sold millions of products as a trusted lip balm without a logo. They’re constantly creating products that still promote cruelty-free products. Enrich your lips with super-moist coverage that is clinically proven to last up to 12 hours. They’re proud to be a preferred brand over the original Chapstick blend. You’ll love the way your lips look and feel after each use. Best of all, EOS is very affordable on most budgets with many products to choose from online or at your favorite retail department store.

What EOS Brand Are Customers Choosing

EOS lip balm products nourish your lips and your skin with unique products like their trendy new Crystal brand. It’s a completely unique formula that is sold without a logo, but recognized for being a part of the infamous EOS brand. In fact, Honeysuckle Apple allows you to enjoy visibly soft lips. Plus, their fragrance also includes vitamins and antioxidants. You’ll love how their formula gives your lips organic coverage at a price you can afford. The EOS brand fortifies your lips with preferred coverage options.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Key To Success Is Perseverance

The Malaysian business leader, Vijay Eswaran has spent a large amount of his adult life building up his own network marketing company, the QI Group. Eswaran believes the problem many young entrepreneurs face is believing instant success should come to them early in their career but Eswaran himself believes ten years are needed to turn any business into the success an entrepreneur feels they can be proud of and believe is now a successful option for them to enjoy as part of their personal business empire.

The QI group, Vijay Eswaran now heads was born when the business leader was a student at the London School of Economics and was working as a part-time taxi driver as he had discovered the joys of network marketing and wished to expand upon this growing industrial area. Vijay Eswaran believes perseverance is the ultimate key to business success in the 21st-century and can be shown by the fact most entrepreneurs have built the basis of their business when they gave up on their idea and looked to return to traditional employment. An analogy made by Vijay Eswaran explains most climbers turn their back on the summit of Mount Everest when they are between 10 and 20 percent of the completion of their goal but lack the self-belief to persevere for the future.

The author of “In the Sphere of Silence” recently published his latest book, “Two Minutes from the Abyss” which describes the need for a healthy level of urgency in the life of every person as they build a successful career or business. Despite being a practitioner and supporter of the use of meditative practices, Vijay Eswaran believes understanding the assistance a small amount of urgency can create is a big part of driving on to greater levels of personal success. Vijay Eswaran believes every person and business venture sits close to the edge of the abyss at all times and should be respected as a way of creating a higher level of success for the future.

InnovaCare Health and The Powerful Leadership of Penelope Kokkinides for Its Sustained Growth

InnovaCare Health is the company right now that pushes for the best healthcare programs, services and products for North America, particularly in Puerto Rico. With the leadership of Rick Shinto, the firm’s CEO and President, as well as Penelope Kokkinides, its Chief Administrative Officer, these programs and plans for Puerto Rico would even be stronger, more sustainable and responsive to the beneficiaries in the country.

There are multiple plans in the pipeline of InnovaCare Health right now that will boost Puerto Rico’s healthcare situation. Being the leading Medicaid and Medicare Advantage firm in Puerto Rico, InnovaCare aims to make sure that the more people in Puerto Rico can get the support that they need from its healthcare offerings. There are about 200,000 individuals today that enjoy the line-up of services of the company, and the plan of InnovaCare is to increase that number. Puerto Rico’s Government Health Plan (GHP) has a broad coverage that can provide sustainable models of managed health care at the most cost-effective approach. This is something that can provide a lot of value to the citizens of the country. This is something that every Puerto Rican should enjoy.

It is also another plan of InnovaCare to convince the government of United States under the Trump Administration to increase federal funding for Puerto Rico’s healthcare system. Kokkinides even met up with President Trump in the White House to discuss such need from the government. In the meeting, she expressed her sentiment that increasing the funding for the country’s healthcare program would be the most fiscally responsible thing to do. It would be in the best interest for United States and the people in Puerto Rico to boost the healthcare assistance if it wants Puerto Rico to stabilize its healthcare situation.

It should be stated here that there isn’t any better leader to handle the operations of InnovaCare than Kokkinides. She already established herself as a healthcare services expert because of her 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Prior to InnovaCare, she was already chosen as Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Vice President forr Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice respectively.

It is her responsibility to make sure that the companies’ health model is sustainable and progressive, which is a role she did successfully. She is able to do this because she makes sure that she can bring out the best ideas available to real life. To acquire these best ideas, she makes sure that she acquires the support of his fantastic creative team.

Dignified Luiz Carlos Trabuco Vindicated

There were accusations against Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who has had an exemplary career and was recognized as one of the most influential leaders in the financial industry had come amidst corruption scandal that rocked state firms in Brazil and shook the political establishment and led to the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff. However, the courts have cleared Banco Bradesco and the Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco of allegations of dodging a tax fine of about $911 million (3 billion reais), this spurred a massive jump in the share prices of one of the nation’s biggest financial institutions.

The accusations were formally lodged in May 2016 over his alleged involvement in unethical negotiations between his companies, Bradesco and government tax auditors to doctored figures to avoid fines. The case was part of a broader probe, locally known as Operation Zealots was unveiled in March 2015 and it claimed that some of the largest companies in Brazil had colluded with corrupt members of the CARF, a faction of the Finance Ministry responsible of appeals on tax disputes, this in return earned them favorable rulings according to

Unmatched Experience
In his almost meteoric rise to the top, to which he has spent over four decades, he passed through various capacities in leadership. His experience was not tied to a single area but spanned over various departments, and this meant that he had an unmatched understanding of corporate finance. His success in the insurance section of the bank led to his being feted as the Insurance Personality of the Year in 2003 and again in 2007.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had a truly real career in the banking industry in not only Brazil but in global spheres. The changes happening in the industry and the economy of Brazil have got him believing that a robust banking system would be a big backbone for the growth of the future of Brazil.

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Unpopular Changes
When he assumed the title of CEO at Bradesco, the company was straining under multiple issues, declining sales and profits figures; the company was experiencing a high turnover of employees. Luiz Carlos Trabuco made changes that were unpopular, but his policies eventually saved the institution, and this led to his invitation to lead a government task force to review a few of the schemes in the government pension plans. He sat with most of the major executives in the company to ensure every department operated smoothly, this gave an outlook unity, and it promoted autonomy in his employees. While scouting for new people to fill vacancies, he recruited talented executives outside Bradesco fold in a quest to bring in fresh talent and ideas according to His forward thinking and business acumen have earned him high regard, and the Brazil government has been trying to recruit him as the Minister of Finance, so far he has been turning that offer down.

He has a legacy that helped Banco Bradesco to thrive more and expand to the top of the market in Brazil, and he believes that the firm will soon be a global leader in banking.

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Jeff Harman, the Champion of Kids

Jeff is an advocate fighting for children violation. Cases like child rape, molestation, and sexual manipulation are the cases he addresses. The attorney specializes in protecting kids from sexual predators. It is a vice in the country. Jeff plays a vital role in the society. He came into limelight after he exposed the Archdiocese of Miami in 2011. The case was about sexual abuse by the members of the clergy. In fact, he won the case and got 100 million dollars in compensation. The defendant in this incident was a client who was sexually abused by a priest. The attorney has been in the news headlines on multiple occasions because of the same reason. For instance, he helped many sexual abuse lawsuits against former Elmo puppeteer, Kelvin Clash. In Boca Raton, Herman’s Law is dedicated to justifying speculative cases of sexual misconduct. Herman also trains professionals in various ways of combating child sexual abuse.

Since the attorney devoted his career to fighting child sexual abuse, he has equipped families with particular tactics. He strongly advises parents to talk to their kids about the matter. Most parents shy away from this hot topic. Failure to do so has led to an increase in child molestation as there is no prior knowledge. Predators are having an easy time mishandling underage kids. By educating them on setting healthy boundaries, they can be able to identify predators and keep off. Maintaining open lines of communication gives them a voice to channel any queries they have.

However, the talk should be age-appropriate as you may spoil the kid generally. Mature talks are encouraged especially among teens. By maintaining assertiveness in the family, children will learn how to decline any inappropriate sexual advancements. Herman continues and adds a guide on how to spot a predator. If an adult spends most of his time with kids alone, it is a red flag to look out for. Herman says that a coach with no kids may also pose a threat to the minors. Due to the advancements in social media, pedophiles now go the extent of chatting with the unaware victims. The internet has open a wide vent where sexual molesters thrive. However, stringent laws have been used to curb such crimes against innocent children.

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One on One Interview with Roseann Bennett

Roseann Bennett is the co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment which is a nonprofit mental health agency. She is in charge of the overall direction, leadership, and management of agency activities and programs. Based in New Jersey, Bennett is a knowledgeable marriage and family therapist and has been working with individuals from all walks of life for the last 10 years.

During her work as a family therapist, Bennett was responsible for marital, individual and family treatment planning, therapy, crisis management, and case management. At this time, she mainly worked with adolescents and their families. Throughout her career, Roseann Bennett has upheld herself as a compassionate therapist with a diverse background in therapy and assessment, as well as a forward-thinking and effective business leader.

Roseann Bennett has shared her personal experiences throughout her journey and she maintains her two blogs about women and mental health which are the two topics that she holds important.

How do you start your day?

Because I am responsible for the direction and overall leadership of the activities and programs at the Center for Assessment and Treatment, I have to work extremely hard on a daily basis. I have to wake up early morning and I am on my PC. I prepare budgets and maintain adequate systems for the accounting of funds. I also maintain my personal clinical caseload at the health agency because I am passionate about connecting with individuals and assisting them to realize that change is possible.

How does your typical workday end?

I end my workday by updating my planner. This helps to organize my day  and I am able to prioritize my to-do list. I feel satisfied every time I cross off a completed task. At the end of the day, I look forward to spending my time with my family reading or watching an episode of “RescueBots.”

How did you choose your industry?

About ten years ago, my husband and I decided to establish the Center for Assessment and Treatment. After the agency was up and running, we began our mission of helping people through their life struggles. The organization is a 501 C (3) charitable organization that was founded to treat and also advocate for individuals and families from different backgrounds, especially those who are marginalized or disenfranchised by their communities.

Southridge Capital Continues To Expand After Two Decades In Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital has been helping individuals and executive teams with their finances since 1996 when they were first founded. Over the years, they have funded more than 200 different companies around the world in both the public and private sectors, with investments reaching close to 2 billion dollars in total since the opening of the company. This is impressive considering the rather small team at Southridge Capital, with under 50 employees.


Southridge Capital has a team of financial experts that have decades of experience in the industry. Their talented team can create customized financial strategies for their clients to overcome and financial problems and guarantees success to every client. Southridge Capital does more than just offer financial solutions as well, including advisory services for investing and financial independence. Southridge has helped many corporations over the years create innovative financial solutions that improve the balance sheets and increase long-term growth.


According to PRNewswire, Southridge Capital has built a reputation for helping all their clients out of their financial troubles, including debt and bankruptcy. They even helped their clients build their credit scores and analyze the best course of action to become financially independent. In the past couple of years, Southridge has started expanding their network with a partnership to Elite Data, a technological company based out of Texas. However, this is just one of many technological companies that Southridge has invested in over the years. Hundreds of companies around the globe have received support from Southridge Capital investments. You can visit their twitter account for more info.


Stephen Hicks is the President and CEO of Southridge Capital, and he has decades of experiences in the financial industry. Over the years, Stephen has successfully built up the company and build a successful foundation with all affiliated companies. Stephen’s capable team is always striving to develop new strategies for their clients, which has allowed the company to successfully navigate the financial solutions market.



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He was born in England, but went on to become one of Ireland’s greatest heroes

Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool in 1876 to Irish immigrants. Coming from an impoverished family, Larkin had to work at an early age. When Larkin was 14, his father died, and he became an apprentice at the company where his father worked. After two years working there, he was fired. Later, he worked at the Liverpool docks, and in 1903, became a dock foreman.


A socialist and member of the Independent Labour Party, Larkin was appalled at the conditions workers faced at the dockyard. He joined those workers in organizing a work stoppage, and was even elected to the strike committee. As a result, Larkin lost his foreman’s position, but impressed the National Union of Dock Labourers so much they named him an organizer. He was sent to Scotland in 1906, where he organized workers in Preston and Glasgow, and opposed the hiring of Chinese immigrants which he felt took jobs from U.K. workers.


In 1907, Larkin was transferred to Dublin, where he formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union and the Irish Labour Party. In 1913, Larkin was one of the driving forces behind the Dublin Lockout, where 100,000 workers went on strike for eight months until they won better working conditions and wages. He was also active in Dublin during World War I, organizing significant anti-war demonstrations. He then traveled to the United States to raise money to disrupt the British war effort. After the war, Larkin was arrested and convicted of criminal anarchy and spent three years in prison before being released and sent back to Ireland, where he was welcomed as a hero by much of the populace. He formed the Irish Workers League and the Workers Union of Ireland during the 1920s. Larkin continued to advocate for workers rights until he passed away in 1947 at the age of 71. A statue of Jim Larkin was erected on O’Connell Street in Dublin, and many songs and poems have been written about his life and accomplishments.


Who is Lori Senecal?

In looking at an article on GcReport titled “The Curious and Storied Career of Lori Senecal, Global CEO,” we can learn more about the career of Lori Senecal. In the opening of the article we go on to learn that Lori Senecal is the global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, a product development company which strives to create premium content. We also go on to learn some of the motivators behind her success, being her high achieving older siblings. Then we come to a portion in the article which highlights the road Senecal took in her becoming the global C.E.O of Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Here we are told of how she graduated from college with a degree in sales and marketing and from here quickly went on to a successful career in the employment world as a leader. Senecal launched the TAG Ideation in 2003, which was a young-adult marketing team. At the hand of Senecal, someone with experience in multinational accounts, and data analytics due to their time at companies such as Nestle, Xbox, and Applebee’s, the team grew to have much success.


In dissecting the career of Lori Senecal, we can see that she has served in high profile positions, such as at Coca Cola as their account director, and also knows how to work in high pressure situations in the employment world. Senecal worked as the Chief Marketing Officer for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc., from 2005 to 2008. As her time working here grew, her track-record went on to impress, which led to her promotion into becoming the head of the sales and marketing for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. Check out



In addition to this she has been able to generate numerous impressions for various companies, which have come to her such as Kraft Mac and Cheese, which used a campaign strategy created by Lori Senecal in order to promote their products after they removed artificial ingredients from their recipe. She recently spoke at 3% conference.