Kim Dao Returns to Singapore

In June, Kim Dao returned to Singapore where she and Eric had their five year relationship anniversary last year. This particular flight from Tokyo to Singapore lasted six hours. She said because her bags weighed too much for the flight, Kim Dao had to wear her Harry Potter costume on the plane. It was a scarf and a cloak that attracted strange looks from other passegers. Kim Dao managed to get a few hours of sleep on the plane to Singapore. Learn more:


On her way to immigration at the airport, before the trip home, Kim Dao stopped off at the airport Starbucks for some chai latte. She met many of her meet up friends, hours before she was due to fly home ( Kim Dao had lunch with the family of one of her friends. With about five hour before  flight , she left the airport to spend more time in Singapore. Kim Dao browsed through a makeup counter. Kim Dao tried the sample eye shadow on her hand. She and some friends went to an Asian buffet. The buffet had sushi, beans, duck, lobster stews, Indian food, fried rice, yellow noodle, and more.


After lunch, Kim Dao went to an arts and sciences exhibition. She saw reptiles, fish, ice crystals, and more. The exhibition also included Future World. The museum had a place to store her luggage,so she would be free to roam around the museum unencumbered. After leaving the museum to do some window shopping, Kim Dao picked up her bags. Learn more: