Intriguing Essentials Appertaining of Cotemar

For over three decades Mexico takes pride in Cotemar, an oil and energy company, which has continued living their business vision. They have embraced technology and right now ferry their cargo with highly specialized vessels. The purely Mexican company provides services such as; offshore oil fields enhancement, repair, and construction, catering and housing as well as transportation of people and commodities by use of their marine vessels. It is quite fascinating to notice that they have continued leading the markets due to quality delivery.


Precisely, the services they deliver have been accredited by the oil industry as well as by their leading client. Their concept employs segments under which service of various needs takes place. Under construction and modernization, technicalities such as repairs and pioneering of new rigs happen. There is also the maritime support, and this is where the responsible crew takes care of various vessels such as hauling gadgets, firefighting boats, and others. For the travelers, there are dishes prepared by the catering department. Laundry and ironing are also taken care of as it necessitates.


Significant Moves by Cotemar Concerning the Environment


The company is committed to ensuring the wellness of their neighbors, preserving the environment, community growth as well as an inclusive community governance. To effect their commitment, they initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility Program which incorporates all the activities and files them as they take place. The CSR program has seen pioneering of new projects and proper management of practices, making it easy to accomplish the mission, vision and set company goals.


Results Born From Continued Commitment to CSR Program


Operating under the guidance of CSR has helped the company remain in pursuit of their objectives. As such, they are praised for minding the environment, maintaining their employees well and also developing the community as a whole. It is because of holding onto the program that Cotemar has been awarded four years in a row for being the most socially responsible enterprise.




Cotemar is the global reference in the oil and energy industry. The company is resilient and keeps improving their service every dawn. Their employees are highly skilled as the company believes in them as their pride. For this reason, they frequently train them so as to strengthen their skills as they focus on greater development every day. The employees are also helped to acquire internships from universities across Mexico. Such exercises assist them to grow their profession significantly.