Gareth Henry: The Face behind the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Have you ever wondered why the Fortress Investment Group is one of the most successful and arguably the globe’s largest investment management firms serving more than 1700 private and institutional companies in several locations across the globe? Part of this success is credited to Gareth Henry. Since its founding in 1998, the Fortress Investment Group seems to have weathered the storm and continually outdo others in the same field with the company currently overseeing the management of over 60 billion dollars.

In 2007, Gareth Henry joined the Fortress Investment Group serving as the company’s managing director. The roles saw him undertaking initiatives related to investor relations coupled with leading marketing efforts for the firm. Before such responsibilities, Henry headed the international relations in London and ensured that the company builds the relationship with its Middle East, European, and Asian clients.

Gareth Henry is an accomplished professional who doubles up as a financial advisor at Fortress. His extensive knowledge that cuts across many fields both locally and internationally makes him none other than the preferred candidate act his assigned role in the company.

Are you aware that before joining the Fortress Investment Group, Gareth served in a number of high esteem institutions such as the Schroders Inc. serving as the director for strategic solutions? Additionally, he also served as a liability-driven and investment advisor in Schroder among other institutions of finance.

Gareth Henry is an educated fellow. He schooled at the Heriot-Watt University and subsequently graduated with none other than a first class degree. He also doubled up as a member of the United States and the United Kingdom Institutes of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries in that order.

Just recently, Henry had the privilege of being named one of the rising institutional investors for his outstanding and noticeable contributions across the investment industry by the Institutional Investor Magazine. In fact, during the same event that he was honored, the Fortress Investment Group emerged as the year’s most exceptional credit-focused companies based on its innovation, achievement, and contributions in the face of cut-throat competition that is characteristic of this field.

Southridge Capital Continues To Expand After Two Decades In Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital has been helping individuals and executive teams with their finances since 1996 when they were first founded. Over the years, they have funded more than 200 different companies around the world in both the public and private sectors, with investments reaching close to 2 billion dollars in total since the opening of the company. This is impressive considering the rather small team at Southridge Capital, with under 50 employees.


Southridge Capital has a team of financial experts that have decades of experience in the industry. Their talented team can create customized financial strategies for their clients to overcome and financial problems and guarantees success to every client. Southridge Capital does more than just offer financial solutions as well, including advisory services for investing and financial independence. Southridge has helped many corporations over the years create innovative financial solutions that improve the balance sheets and increase long-term growth.


According to PRNewswire, Southridge Capital has built a reputation for helping all their clients out of their financial troubles, including debt and bankruptcy. They even helped their clients build their credit scores and analyze the best course of action to become financially independent. In the past couple of years, Southridge has started expanding their network with a partnership to Elite Data, a technological company based out of Texas. However, this is just one of many technological companies that Southridge has invested in over the years. Hundreds of companies around the globe have received support from Southridge Capital investments. You can visit their twitter account for more info.


Stephen Hicks is the President and CEO of Southridge Capital, and he has decades of experiences in the financial industry. Over the years, Stephen has successfully built up the company and build a successful foundation with all affiliated companies. Stephen’s capable team is always striving to develop new strategies for their clients, which has allowed the company to successfully navigate the financial solutions market.



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