Meet Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur that has managed to become successful through his company Organo Gold. Chua’s company is an organization that manufactures coffee and also distributes it to its customers. Chua is the Chief Executive Officer at the company. Chua is a global brand and is known widely in many countries, but his company is based in Canada. Chua keeps in touch with his clients through social media as he is an avid member of several sites. Some of the sites that Bernardo Chua is in include Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Through these platforms, Chua is able to stay in touch and interact. For example on Facebook, Chua posts information about himself letting people know him. This is also the same on Twitter where he tweets personal information and activities that he is participating in. Chua’s social media pages are very captivating and interesting. Read more at about Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua has established other companies like Gano Excel that are also successful. Other than opening up businesses, Chua has other accomplishments as an entrepreneur such as providing a healthy coffee option through Organo Gold. I believe this appeals to me the most as it ensures the health and safety of many people that take coffee. There are many advantages that one can get from using Chua’s services. First, one will get quality coffee at a very affordable price and the second one will have a healthy option that has great benefits for their lifestyle. Through his career, Bernardo Chua has received several awards that have been posted on social media pages such as the Crunch Base and The Street. Chua’s business model is direct sales because he believes it is the best model to create a good relationship with one’s customers. This way, Chua can identify the needs of the customers and meet them efficiently.

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