How AI Tools are Enhancing Conversion Rate Optimization

Sentient Technologies, the world leader when it comes to the distribution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) recently announced the launch of the Sentient Ascend, the first and one of a kind Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool. This Sentient Ascend will employ the use of artificial intelligence in developing winning designs for various online marketers.
The manual use of A/B testing in Conversion Rate Optimization seems like it is coming to the end thanks to the emergence of new technological ideas such as Sentient Ascend which appears under the mantle of AI technologies.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a data-driven methodology whose primary purpose is to monitor the growth of your business and improve its key metrics. With the launch of the Sentient Ascend, the Conversion Rate Optimization will be a critical invention that will help different users in appreciating the importance of AI. In general, AI will be in a position to focus on the most important parts of a business which in this case are the customers, creating ideas, improving outcomes for both your business and the users. With this new launch, it will be easy for marketers to try more ideas when it comes to copying, creating images, designing, and allowing interaction changes that will accelerate the path towards increased revenues and rate conversions.

With Sentient Ascend, the dream of improving conversion speeds to a tune of up to 100 times will no longer be a dream but a reality. With the Sentient Ascend CRO solution, the testing and conversion speeds will be faster than the current speeds experienced in the A/B testing solutions. Currently, the existing A/B speed testing tools are only in a position to evaluate the impact of a single marketing idea one at a time. Apart from this, A/B speeds cannot operate without a substantial amount of traffic directed towards it. However, with Ascend, marketers will be in a position to test dozens of different ideas concurrently.

The new technology is expected to achieve these results thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and evolutionary algorithms that mimic a biological evolution. By using these two technological approaches, it will be easy for the tool to change, mutate variables, combine, and maximize fitness based on the metrics produced by the system which in turn leads to conversions or revenues. The good thing about the AI testing tool is the fact that it will combine a variety of changes which will help the marketers in determining the best rates hence achieving the best results.