Meet Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur that has managed to become successful through his company Organo Gold. Chua’s company is an organization that manufactures coffee and also distributes it to its customers. Chua is the Chief Executive Officer at the company. Chua is a global brand and is known widely in many countries, but his company is based in Canada. Chua keeps in touch with his clients through social media as he is an avid member of several sites. Some of the sites that Bernardo Chua is in include Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Through these platforms, Chua is able to stay in touch and interact. For example on Facebook, Chua posts information about himself letting people know him. This is also the same on Twitter where he tweets personal information and activities that he is participating in. Chua’s social media pages are very captivating and interesting. Read more at about Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua has established other companies like Gano Excel that are also successful. Other than opening up businesses, Chua has other accomplishments as an entrepreneur such as providing a healthy coffee option through Organo Gold. I believe this appeals to me the most as it ensures the health and safety of many people that take coffee. There are many advantages that one can get from using Chua’s services. First, one will get quality coffee at a very affordable price and the second one will have a healthy option that has great benefits for their lifestyle. Through his career, Bernardo Chua has received several awards that have been posted on social media pages such as the Crunch Base and The Street. Chua’s business model is direct sales because he believes it is the best model to create a good relationship with one’s customers. This way, Chua can identify the needs of the customers and meet them efficiently.

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Serge Belamant and Early Cryptocurrency Technology

Serge Belamant was born in France where he spent most of his formative years. He was 14-years-old his family moved to South Africa. After graduating from high school in 1972, he attended Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering during his first years. During his second year, he changed to a concentration in computer science and applied mathematics. For his third year, he transferred to UNISA where he studied information system. He never graduated but instead joined the staff of Matrix, an engineering firm. While at Matrix, Serge was assigned by CSIR to head the computer division of the Witwatersrand road planning project.

At this time he became involved with Control Data when he temporarily assisted him with several projects for a number of computer companies. After these projects were finalized, they offered Belamant a permanent position on Cybernet, their application support team. It was not long before he was made the head analyst of ESKOM, weather bureau, JO, CSIR, and Palindaba. In the early 80s he created the first scientifically driven financial system using only Control Data equipment. Shortly afterward Serge was awarded full membership in the RSA upon the successful development of a 10-step program to analyze risk and test business sustainability.

He was then hired by SASWITCH to help them develop their ATM technology. This was a very good decision, resulting in them being the second largest ATM company in the world by the end of the decade. His biggest contribution to the SASWITCH ATM technology came in 1989 when he developed what is recognized as the first carnation of cryptocurrency technology. Oddly, however, it was not used by SASWITCH. So Serge Belamant quit, started his own company called Net1, which manufactured and distributed his patented technology. For its first few years of existence, it did not do well and got very few bank customers. However, its fortune started going up in 1995 after Visa partnered with it develop a new Visa line known as Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card.

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An Overview of the Business Partnership between OSI Group and McDonald’s

To understand the OSI Group McDonalds partnership, you need to know OSI’s history. Back in 1909, OSI started as a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois founded by Otto Kolschowsky (a German immigrant). The company expanded to the wholesale meat trade and changed its headquarters to Maywood, Chicago, IL in 1917. The firm also became reputable over the years for offering quality meats while operating under the name Otto & Sons.

When Ray Kroc set up the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines in 1955, IL, he chose Otto & Sons as his company’s leading supplier of supplier of fresh ground beef patties. Otto & Sons was also part of McDonalds’ four meat suppliers when cryogenic food processing (food preservation method that uses liquid nitrogen) emerged in the late 1960s.

OSI’s Deal with McDonald’s

Otto & Sons focused on processing meat only for McDonald’s. The processing facility was among the six processing plants across the country used by McDonald’s. Every year, the hamburger company (McDonald’s) uses about 1 billion pounds of beef to make its products. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership aimed at helping customers get high-quality beef burgers.

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership also focused on profitable gains. McDonald’s benefited from getting fresh beef for its burgers while OSI Group raked in millions from the trade. Besides processing meat, OSI also dealt with vegetables, poultry, fish and bacon. The OSI Group McDonalds deal helped the company diversify into other fresh plant and animal produce.

OSI’s Operations

OSI Group clientele includes Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, and Subway. The company maintains its presence in the US under the name OSI Industries. OSI’s US locations include Riverside, California Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Geneva and West Chicago, Illinois and West Jordan, Utah.

OSI Group is a recipient of prestigious awards in categories such as environmental management and management of health and safety risks. With over $3 billion in yearly revenues, the food processing company ranked in Forbes’ list of America’s 136th largest private companies. Other accolades and awards include the British Safety Council’s Award of Merit and British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award.