Jeff Harman, the Champion of Kids

Jeff is an advocate fighting for children violation. Cases like child rape, molestation, and sexual manipulation are the cases he addresses. The attorney specializes in protecting kids from sexual predators. It is a vice in the country. Jeff plays a vital role in the society. He came into limelight after he exposed the Archdiocese of Miami in 2011. The case was about sexual abuse by the members of the clergy. In fact, he won the case and got 100 million dollars in compensation. The defendant in this incident was a client who was sexually abused by a priest. The attorney has been in the news headlines on multiple occasions because of the same reason. For instance, he helped many sexual abuse lawsuits against former Elmo puppeteer, Kelvin Clash. In Boca Raton, Herman’s Law is dedicated to justifying speculative cases of sexual misconduct. Herman also trains professionals in various ways of combating child sexual abuse.

Since the attorney devoted his career to fighting child sexual abuse, he has equipped families with particular tactics. He strongly advises parents to talk to their kids about the matter. Most parents shy away from this hot topic. Failure to do so has led to an increase in child molestation as there is no prior knowledge. Predators are having an easy time mishandling underage kids. By educating them on setting healthy boundaries, they can be able to identify predators and keep off. Maintaining open lines of communication gives them a voice to channel any queries they have.

However, the talk should be age-appropriate as you may spoil the kid generally. Mature talks are encouraged especially among teens. By maintaining assertiveness in the family, children will learn how to decline any inappropriate sexual advancements. Herman continues and adds a guide on how to spot a predator. If an adult spends most of his time with kids alone, it is a red flag to look out for. Herman says that a coach with no kids may also pose a threat to the minors. Due to the advancements in social media, pedophiles now go the extent of chatting with the unaware victims. The internet has open a wide vent where sexual molesters thrive. However, stringent laws have been used to curb such crimes against innocent children.

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