Felipe Montoro Jens: Brazil’s Infrastructure consultant.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a infrastructure expert for Brazil. This includes dealing with economic waste and finding solutions that state governments as well as co-operations can utilize to eliminate and become more profitable and responsible financially. He reports the data from the survey of Basic Municipal Information from IBGE Brazilian basic sanitation sector and projects through out Brazil. He advises business arrangements between the Brazilian governments and private industries also known as Public Private Partnership(PPP).

Throughout his long career he had the privilege to work with numerous professionals and companies for example Luciano NitriGuidolin and Paulo OliveiroDeMelo just to name a few.

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Felipe Montoro Jens holds multiple positions. These are Chairman at ArboreolandEmpreendimentosImobiliaros, Director at Fonte NovaesNegocios e Participacoes SA, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, Executive officer at ConcessionariaInteroceanica Sur Tramo 3 SA,ACEnergia SA, ConcessionariaInterocenica Sur Tramo 2, Empresa de Generacion Huallaga SA, ConcessionariaTravase Olmos and H2Olmos and is also working as a principle at Peru InversionesenInfraestructura SA, and Maranon Energia SA.

It all began for Felipe Montoro Jens in 1998 where he started his education in the U.S at Oregon University. Later that same year he exchanged schools and went to UC Santa Barbara. To further prepare himself for the competitive business world and to make a name for himself he pursued a business degree at the GetulioVargas Foundation, one of the best schools in Brazil which has been offering quality business training since 1944. There Mr.Jens joined an elite group for his training for the world of business. He did not stop there. He pursued his education at the illustrious business school Thunderbird School of Global Management out of Arizona State University.

He brought his new knowledge and skills back to Brazil where he blossomed and became a well known figure in the competitive business world today.

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How to Prevent a Trip to the Emergency Room

Dr. Saad Saad has removed his fair share of foreign objects from the esophagus and windpipes of children. In fact, he has helped well over 1,000 children over the course of his 40-year career.

Many children end up in the emergency room because they have swallowed a foreign object such as a battery or a peanut.

The best way to prevent a trip to the emergency room is to make sure that small objects such as these are not within reach of your children. Sometimes, however, even despite your efforts, your child will somehow swallow one of these objects. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions | Chronicle Week and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

If this happens and your child is six years old or younger, you can hold them upside down and tap them on the back until the object becomes dislodged. If your child is over seven yours old, you can perform the Heimlich maneuver on them. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8

You can do this by standing behind them and thrusting until the object becomes dislodged. You should never try to scoop out the object with your finger as you will most likely cause it to get pushed farther down the esophagus.

If neither of the maneuvers is effective, you’ll need to take your child to the emergency room, and they will most likely take an x-ray to find out what the object is and/or where it is located. If the object does not show up on the x-ray which is the case about 50 percent of the time, it will be necessary to perform an esophagoscopy or a bronchoscopy.

Dr. Saad Saad has removed so many interesting items over the course of his career that he’s made a showcase of the objects. Some of the things that he’s included are a locket and a number of coins.

You can tell how long a coin has been inside a person by its color. A coin that is still shiny has only been inside a person for about eight hours or less, and if a coin is darker, it has been inside a person for about a day. If it’s rusted it has been inside a person for as much as a month.

Dr. Saad Saad has improved the way that the endoscope performs with his invention s that it sucks away any liquid that may be causing the view of the doctor to become distorted. His invention helps to make surgeries for many doctors more efficient.

Meet Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur that has managed to become successful through his company Organo Gold. Chua’s company is an organization that manufactures coffee and also distributes it to its customers. Chua is the Chief Executive Officer at the company. Chua is a global brand and is known widely in many countries, but his company is based in Canada. Chua keeps in touch with his clients through social media as he is an avid member of several sites. Some of the sites that Bernardo Chua is in include Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Through these platforms, Chua is able to stay in touch and interact. For example on Facebook, Chua posts information about himself letting people know him. This is also the same on Twitter where he tweets personal information and activities that he is participating in. Chua’s social media pages are very captivating and interesting. Read more at centralworkingjerseymoms.com about Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua has established other companies like Gano Excel that are also successful. Other than opening up businesses, Chua has other accomplishments as an entrepreneur such as providing a healthy coffee option through Organo Gold. I believe this appeals to me the most as it ensures the health and safety of many people that take coffee. There are many advantages that one can get from using Chua’s services. First, one will get quality coffee at a very affordable price and the second one will have a healthy option that has great benefits for their lifestyle. Through his career, Bernardo Chua has received several awards that have been posted on social media pages such as the Crunch Base and The Street. Chua’s business model is direct sales because he believes it is the best model to create a good relationship with one’s customers. This way, Chua can identify the needs of the customers and meet them efficiently.

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Serge Belamant and Early Cryptocurrency Technology

Serge Belamant was born in France where he spent most of his formative years. He was 14-years-old his family moved to South Africa. After graduating from high school in 1972, he attended Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering during his first years. During his second year, he changed to a concentration in computer science and applied mathematics. For his third year, he transferred to UNISA where he studied information system. He never graduated but instead joined the staff of Matrix, an engineering firm. While at Matrix, Serge was assigned by CSIR to head the computer division of the Witwatersrand road planning project.

At this time he became involved with Control Data when he temporarily assisted him with several projects for a number of computer companies. After these projects were finalized, they offered Belamant a permanent position on Cybernet, their application support team. It was not long before he was made the head analyst of ESKOM, weather bureau, JO, CSIR, and Palindaba. In the early 80s he created the first scientifically driven financial system using only Control Data equipment. Shortly afterward Serge was awarded full membership in the RSA upon the successful development of a 10-step program to analyze risk and test business sustainability.

He was then hired by SASWITCH to help them develop their ATM technology. This was a very good decision, resulting in them being the second largest ATM company in the world by the end of the decade. His biggest contribution to the SASWITCH ATM technology came in 1989 when he developed what is recognized as the first carnation of cryptocurrency technology. Oddly, however, it was not used by SASWITCH. So Serge Belamant quit, started his own company called Net1, which manufactured and distributed his patented technology. For its first few years of existence, it did not do well and got very few bank customers. However, its fortune started going up in 1995 after Visa partnered with it develop a new Visa line known as Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card.

Sources of the article : https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/companies/financial-services/2017-05-25-serge-belamant-to-take-early-retirement/

An Overview of the Business Partnership between OSI Group and McDonald’s

To understand the OSI Group McDonalds partnership, you need to know OSI’s history. Back in 1909, OSI started as a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois founded by Otto Kolschowsky (a German immigrant). The company expanded to the wholesale meat trade and changed its headquarters to Maywood, Chicago, IL in 1917. The firm also became reputable over the years for offering quality meats while operating under the name Otto & Sons.

When Ray Kroc set up the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines in 1955, IL, he chose Otto & Sons as his company’s leading supplier of supplier of fresh ground beef patties. Otto & Sons was also part of McDonalds’ four meat suppliers when cryogenic food processing (food preservation method that uses liquid nitrogen) emerged in the late 1960s.

OSI’s Deal with McDonald’s

Otto & Sons focused on processing meat only for McDonald’s. The processing facility was among the six processing plants across the country used by McDonald’s. Every year, the hamburger company (McDonald’s) uses about 1 billion pounds of beef to make its products. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership aimed at helping customers get high-quality beef burgers.

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership also focused on profitable gains. McDonald’s benefited from getting fresh beef for its burgers while OSI Group raked in millions from the trade. Besides processing meat, OSI also dealt with vegetables, poultry, fish and bacon. The OSI Group McDonalds deal helped the company diversify into other fresh plant and animal produce.

OSI’s Operations

OSI Group clientele includes Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, and Subway. The company maintains its presence in the US under the name OSI Industries. OSI’s US locations include Riverside, California Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, Geneva and West Chicago, Illinois and West Jordan, Utah.

OSI Group is a recipient of prestigious awards in categories such as environmental management and management of health and safety risks. With over $3 billion in yearly revenues, the food processing company ranked in Forbes’ list of America’s 136th largest private companies. Other accolades and awards include the British Safety Council’s Award of Merit and British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor Award.

Steve Ritchie- An Emerging Entrepreneur and Manager at Papa John’s

Papa John’s is a big name in the pizza industry; one can see its success as a brand. No one can underestimate its significance in the food industry. The brand is frequently consumed by a huge number of people. The people love to visit here as a best hangout place for themselves. They enjoy having pizza here and relish its taste with their friends and family. The best part about this brand is its management.

Steve Ritchie is the newly promoted CEO of this brand who is an epitome of firm’s transparency in selection. The company has promoted him from a lower post and did not outsource him from some other firm. It is the history of this pizza firm that it pays regard to its own employees. Many people have been raised to the positions of manager from lower rank positions. It depicts that the company selects people on merit.

Talking about the personality and achievements of Steve Ritchie, it can be said that he is a really competent man. He has excellent skills of understanding strategic leadership and he is someone who knows how to delegate task to employees. He has worked with great conviction which is why people adore him in the company. He has an enormous experience of working under stress and is capable of managing tasks with hectic deadlines. This is a great skills of his because a CEO has a lot on his plate. He has to oversee different things which require great expertise. Not only he has to take into consideration each and every person in the firm, he has to amend the things that went wrong.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s during his job as a manager, before, learnt well the nature and culture of his workplace. He learnt many things about the work environment at Papa Johns and decided to spend his time here in the future as well. He worked hard to reach the position he currently achieved due to his dedication about work. His passion for work and loyalty won him the position and status as a CEO of the firm he cherished a lot. See Ritchie’s profile on Insider Louisville.

Discover more here: http://people.equilar.com/bio/steve-ritchie-papa-john-s/salary/711829

Guilherme Paulus: Advice On How To Succeed In Tourism

Owning a business itself is the dream for many Brazilians, but with the economy slowly recovering from a severe economic recession, the question that remains is: how to make a profit in Brazilian Tourism these days?

According to the Minister of Tourism, Marx Beltrão, about 90% of the companies that promote Brazilian tourism are small companies. This allows for a large space in the market for those who dream of opening their own business and becoming an entrepreneur. There is no one better to give advice than the founder of the largest tourism company in the country, CVC Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A, Guilherme Paulus, now president of the company’s board of directors and president of the GJP network. Guilherme Paulus spoke with Beltrão live via a Facebook live chat and explained how he managed to found a tourism empire in Brazil’s travel industry.

Get To Know The Business
Many people open a travel agency or a hostel, and they do not succeed. It is important to study and analyze the branch of the business you are opening. There are rare cases of people who start a business and don’t have the knowledge to operate a successful business. “You can’t jump into a business, without knowledge. Work in a hostel or hotel to see up close how things work on a daily basis. This is the only way you will be sure if it is what you really want for your life,” said Paulus.

Read more: ADVB/RS traz Guilherme Paulus, um dos maiores empresários do turismo, para participar do Você com o Presidente

Know Your Client
“Know how much your target audience is willing to spend on the product, and ask yourself: Would I buy the product I’m selling?” Explained the entrepreneur.

It is important that all of your energy and thoughts are focused on your new business. Don’t allow distractions to interrupt. Spend the entire day on your business. As Guilherme Paulus says in his own words, “Have coffee, have lunch, and have dinner with your business.”

Invest Time In Social Networks, But Physical Contact Works Best
Guilherme Paulus recognizes the importance of social networks in tourism but emphasizes that the seller is still the main part. With physical contact, whether by a handshake or seeing eye to eye, the client feels more secure. One of the functions of tourism is to receive and treat people well.

Search more about Guilherme Paulus: https://eventosemjoinville.com.br/2018/09/12/guilherme-paulus-participa-da-2a-edicao-do-cvb-talks/

Krishen Iyer’s moves in the Insurance Industry

Advertising is the key to success in any business. In the past, many companies especially the health insurance companies have been facing a lot of problems when it comes to advertising companies. With the constant evolution in technology, the internet is currently the best platform for advertisement. That is why Krishen Iyer recently launched a new online marketing company known as Managed Benefits which is meant to offer solutions to various insurance companies especially the health insurance companies. The Managed Benefits Company targets at marketing insurance companies products and services with fewer prices.




Krishen Iyer and Managed Benefits Company




Krishen Iyer is an expert in the business field who has a lot of information and knowledge he attained from San Diego University. After graduating from the University of San Diego, he has been able to work with various companies where he has served in different sectors like online marketing and technical development among other services. He has also been able to work with most companies that are the lead companies and small firms that are focused on finding marketing solutions. It is while working for these companies that he has been able to gain vast experience in the insurance sector.




The Quick Link Marketing which is also referred to as Managed Benefits is a company that was formed with the target of creating a connection between the lead companies and other companies that are looking for marketing solutions. That is why Krishen Iyer started his company in order to give online solutions especially those related to marketing to these firms. Iyer’s company is able to make money from providing the solutions that could not be provided by the lead companies through online marketing. Quick Link Marketing has also benefitted a lot from Krishen Iyer’s skills in clients’ interfacing. This is a unique skill that has assisted him a lot to find money for his company.


U.S. Money Reserve Is Proud To Support The Cause Of The U.S. Navy Memorial

Since its 2001 founding, U.S. Reserve has seen an impressive trajectory of growth that has resulted in the firm being one of the world’s leading distributors of government-issued precious metal coins. The firm has a strong base of customers across the United States and the world that rely on it to help them diversify their portfolios.

The professionals at U.S. Money Reserve are among the leading experts in their field and this fact has helped the firm to garner many prestigious contracts over the course of its existence. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Team Attends the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation’s Lone Sailor Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C.  and US Money Reserve | Facebook

In major U.S. Money Reserve news, representatives from the firm recently attended the prestigious Lone Sailor Awards for 2018. The events were a part of a fabulous dinner that is put on by the United States Navy Memorial Foundation. This gala event is held in Washington, D.C. in the National Building Museum. As a proud member of the U.S. Navy Memorial, U.S. Money Reserve takes great pride in honoring the men and women who have devoted themselves to the Sea Services.

U.S. Reserve attendees included Media VP Christol Farris and Director of Operations Jennifer Olivier among others. They were happy to demonstrate how much the firm values its relationship with the U.S. Navy Memorial.

It was back in 2016 that U.S. Money Reserve first began this heartfelt relationship with the U.S. Navy Memorial. The relationship was originally struck up during the launch of the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary coin series released for Pearl Harbor. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://spectrumlocalnews.com/tx/austin/news/2017/11/16/us-money-reserve-gives-to-harvey-relief.html and https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/angiekoch-usmoneyreserve-894

One of the best aspects of this release was the fact that a nice portion of the proceeds generated is given to the U.S. Navy Memorial. U.S. Money Reserve’s own Jim Warren, the company’s VP of Communication and Marketing, has expressed the fact that the company feels it is a true honor and privilege to b able to support this amazing organization.

The U.S. Navy Memorial Lone Sailor Awards Dinner is truly one of the most anticipated and prestigious events that is held annually in the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. The awards event gives recognition to the people of the Sea Services and celebrates the sacrifices that they make to their country on a daily basis as well as the sacrifices that past members have contributed over the many years.

It is always a big deal when Navy leadership comes together with its biggest corporate supporters in order to honor these men and women who have done so much in the name of the country.

What Madison Street Capital’s New MD brings at the Table

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading companies specializing in providing finance and investment advice to clients globally. The company has been in the industry for the last 13 years, which makes its team highly experienced and reliable. As an investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC provides products that include:


– Private equity

– Mergers & acquisitions services

– Business valuation services

– Advisory, investment banking

– Corporate tax planning services

– Venture capital services


The valuation services offered by Madison Street Capital are at the disposal of both public and private organizations.


Joining Madison Street’s capital markets team as the new managing director is Lawrence Alioto. Alioto is expected to work closely with clients pursuing different tech-related investments. His role in this is to advise the clients on M&A and corporate finance.


The company chose Lawrence Alioto due to his experience in the tech sector. This move stemmed from the desire by Madison Street Capital Advisors LLC to venture into the technology sector owing to its continued advancement. Alioto has worked with many investment firms where he acquired skills that makes him successful in the finance and investment industry. His career began at Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he worked as a currency futures & options trader. He then moved to San Francisco where he worked for PaineWebber as a registered representative.


Alioto has also overseen the financing and development of businesses engaged in film production. He has also done the same for the upgraded medical devices and energy-efficient innovations.


Alioto is currently working with Kaizen Oil Company as it tries to develop an innovative oil recovery solution for efficiency. Some of the skills that Alioto will be adding to Madison Street Capital include:


– Finance

– Business development

– Corporate development

– Government affairs


What’s more, he has been able to demonstrate his experience in finance, development, and investment industry in both domestic and international markets.


Alioto recognizes that Madison Street Capital reputation is all about providing middle-market clients with opportunities for continued growth by venturing in the tech industry. He, therefore, will help Madison Street Capital conduct its M&A transactions successfully.


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